Mindset Monday and Personal Alignment

Hey friends, saw a meme the other day and it was so right on. It was something to the effect of: “90% of your business problems are because of 100% of your personal problems.”
Did you know that what stops most people is when their insides do not align with their outsides? The inner feelings of worthiness, adequacy, and self esteem compared to what’s on display (our actions) for all to see?⁣
We can read all the self help books we want. We can go to conference after conference. We can fill our minds with the greatest spiritual guides we can get our hands on…⁣
…but if our insides do not match what is going on with our ACTIONS, we will NEVER align with who we genuinely are meant to be and what we are meant to DO.⁣
Our brains are so advanced that it knows when something is off. It senses it. So, how can you tell if something is just “off?”⁣
🧠 We stop ourselves short of greatness.⁣
🧠 We just feel overall like something is “off,” or are never satisfied or at peace even in moments of relaxation.⁣
🧠 We sabotage ourselves at different turns.⁣
🧠 We distract ourselves.⁣
🧠 We fill our days with things that don’t really matter and don’t really fill us up.⁣
So…how can we change that?⁣
Take inventory today. Are you in alignment with what you want to be doing? Truthfully? Are you feeling like “imposter syndrome” lately? Are you feeling unworthy in certain areas of your life?⁣
Pinpoint what it is EXACTLY you are feeling. Say it. Get it out there. Once you get it out there, you can begin to investigate. ⁣
For some, it’s a past trauma. For some, an environment that told them how to be, act, talk, and behave. An environment that rocked the sense of consistency and unconditional love. At one point, there was a story that was written FOR you and you slid into the role of accepting it. Do you still want it?⁣ Investigate WHERE and WHAT the feelings stem from.
Fill your mind with positive podcasts. Fill your days with different habits. Fill your spirit with acceptance and love rather than bitterness and judgment. ⁣
There is no right time to start. RIGHT now is the perfect moment, love. 💕
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