How to remove your background with CANVA

Marketing just got easier!

In the last year, I have seen more and more influencers using simple photos of themselves cut out and on top of creative, bright marketing pieces.

I wanted to take a photo IN MY BATHROOM and with my cell phone to show you how easy it is to get great marketing material in minutes and without breaking the bank!

It used to be a bit more complicated to remove a background to render a photo of oneself, but lately there are new programs popping up that will do this in a matter of seconds.

How to remove your background with CANVA

This does require a PRO subscription of Canva to have this feature and at the time of this blog pos, the PRO version is $12.95 if you pay monthly. This is still a very effective way to get great marketing materials within minutes. It used to be someone would have to spend $$$ hundreds to pay someone to produce 90+ pieces of marketing material. I wanted to show you how easy it was to take a picture (in a bathroom) and still produce great results.

Step 1: Upload a photo into Canva

2. Select “Effects” and the first option to “Remove the Background.”
This will remove the background and leave your photo.
This leaves you in Canva with a white background. We’re not done!

3. Save this photo with a TRANSPARENT background so that you can now import this photo into any marketing design. 
4. Create marketing materials with the new photo. 

Go back to your Home Screen in Canva, pick whatever marketing piece you want to create (based on the social media platform you are creating for.) Go to your Uploads and Import the photo you just saved. From here, you can create many different backgrounds and import your photo.

Design around your campaigns

Say you’re creating a campaign around hashtags. Select 3-4 different pieces to import your photo into. This can be for Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest or Facebook. Create a folder within Canva labeled “Hashtags.” Or, you could create the campaign around each platform. You could call it “Facebook July” and only import stock photos for Facebook in July. Feel free to organize how you see fit.


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