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“.I have sat in my fair share of mindset classes, but NONE have come close to impacting me the way that Jamie's did. I hadn't noticed before taking her class that I never truly dug deep to figure out why I had certain limiting beliefs. With Jamie's guidance, I was able to pinpoint aspects of myself that were tough to recognize at first, but finally knowing the problem allowed me to do something about it and retrain the negative thoughts that were always holding me back. Jamie's transparency and vulnerability during her classes is contagious. I felt many walls break down, which gave room for introspective thoughts and great discoveries. I'm beyond grateful for her and excited for all the lives she's going to change in the best possible way! ”

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When we are stuck in life, we typically remain stuck because we are only seeing it from our perspective. We also often do not possess the skills or tools necessary to navigate gaining and maintaining new perspectives. Coaching helps to develop these skills.

If you have been stuck in a loop, can’t move past a habit or pattern or need help with some type of conflict in your life, coaching can be right for you!

Coaching is what we like to call “therapy light.” Most coaching issues typically require a “garden digging” level of skills and tools. Therapy is more like an “archeological dig.” If someone has deeper rooted issues, is ever thinking of harming themselves, is unsure of their own safety or safety of others, we always suggest seeing a therapist over coaching. Often times, our clients get amazing results seeing both a therapist and a coach.

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not. Check with your accountant to see if coaching can be deducted for tax purposes. Often times, a business or corporation will also help cover some of the coaching cost if it is for the benefit of your career.

Our one-on-one coaching packages start at a minimum of 6 weeks, so it is a 6 week commitment at first. From there, we have more flexible schedules once we have established the coaching relationship. 

I may use general examples of coaching solutions from time to time in my workshops or on social media but I never reveal anyone’s name or go into specific detail about anyone’s situation. It is always kept general and no names or anything personal is shared.

We understand emergency situations come up from time to time. It is generally taken on a case by case basis. 


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