Jamie Feb 21 B

About Me


Everyone loves a good comeback story. That’s what they say, anyway. After moving 3 times within a few years, multiple states, a pandemic and some very personal deaths around me, I was more lost than I had ever been in my life. In those dark times, one moment I reflected back on to give me strength was the first time I spoke in front of a room.

I knew my purpose was to help others. I knew I had a passion for it as well.

I just didn’t know when it would happen in a professional capacity and I didn’t know how because for the previous 13 years, I worked with the real estate industry as a Realtor and as a Marketing Coach. 

After attempting to get back into real estate in an area I had been away from for so many years, I felt a much stronger pull to coach.

Stronger than ever.

So I enrolled in a coaching certification course and began my journey in coaching others. The rest, they say… is history. 


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We aren’t meant to walk this journey alone. That’s where my purpose with transformational coaching began and this is
where I am today! My passion is in helping others discover how to get unstuck. Are you ready to discover how to see the problems in
front of you with more clarity and less suffering?

Are you ready to map out your next steps in life? Let me walk you through this journey!