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Around 2019 (yes, THAT dreaded year), after moving 3 times within a few years (multiple states-btw), a major surgery and some really close deaths around me, I was more lost than I had ever been in my life. My confidence seemed non-existent. My foundations in life were showing some serious cracks. I truly didn’t know which way was up and everywhere I looked, I noticed others were going through the same, collective, awful experience. 

So, I began to remember the very lessons and lectures I gave a few years prior on resilience, not giving up and how to get unstuck. You see, I took a huge chance on myself. I stood before hundreds with no experience and with no prior real knowledge on the topic. From my very first event I realized three things: First, I can do anything I really set my mind to. Second, there were hundreds just waiting to be poured into and the only thing stopping me – was me. Third, we often go through our roughest points in life or our biggest “failures” just before we get to some of our biggest breakthroughs in life. 

I knew my purpose was to help others. I knew I had a passion for it as well.

I knew I wanted to coach but I just didn’t know when or how it would happen in a professional capacity because for the previous 13 years, I worked in the real estate industry as a Realtor and as a Marketing Consultant. This is also when I first heard the term “Imposter Syndrome.” (The feeling that you aren’t adequate to be doing the thing you’re doing.) I just knew my desire to help others was far greater than my fears of not being good enough, or being taken seriously.

So, after moving and starting over a bajillion times, (it seriously did feel like that) moving on from a few really hard deaths in my life and finally reaching a point where I wasn’t going to let outside opinions or circumstances hinder my purpose any longer, I finally enrolled in a coaching certification course and began my journey in coaching others. The rest, they say… is history. 

I am so excited to be receiving this training and I’m just as equally excited to share what I’m learning with others.


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We aren’t meant to walk this journey alone. That’s where my purpose with Holistic and Wellness coaching began and this is where I am today! My passion is in helping others discover how to get unstuck. Are you ready to discover how to see the problems in
front of you with more clarity and less suffering?

Are you ready to map out your next steps in life? Let me walk you through this journey!

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