Technology is ever changing but that doesn’t mean it has to be scary. I help entrepreneurs where technology meets social media meets marketing.

Wherever you are in your social media and technology journey, I can help you with proven strategies and tips. Let’s work together in figuring out your perfect strategy!

So how does a  small real estate organization like mine stay on top of the ever changing social media climate? If you are lucky you will find a professional Like Jamie Seaux to assist you. To be top notch in your field you have to not only be knowledgeable, but you have to have great communication skills. And if you are dealing with someone like me who is not tech savvy you will also need to be patient. Jamie Seaux has all of those qualities. Not only has she helped us solve our problems and move our business in directions we would not otherwise be able to do, she does so in a manner that is educational and fun. We look forward to each session with her, and plan on using her far into the future. I highly recommend Jamie if you want to take your business to the next level in social media.” – Bill Gaughan, Rural KC